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Top Skill Sets Needed to get Success in Bank PO Group Discussion

Last Updated On November 4, 2020

Top Skill Sets Needed to get Success in Bank PO Group Discussion

Group discussions are the best way to evaluate candidates’ ability to understand their knowledge in a specific area. In every entrance exam conducted for any job position, there are group discussions held. Students appearing for the exam like CAT to get admission in management institutes undergo the group discussion. Similarly, to fill the IBPS PO Vacancy, the candidate needs to undergo the group discussion, which will help the employers to evaluate the candidate.

The candidate who successfully passes out the GD will be able to get the job and a good IBPS PO salary. However, to pass through the GD, the candidate needs to have a specific skill set including-

Leadership Skill

Leadership skill is the most critical trait an individual needs to carry to work as a PO. There are times when you will need to make decisions or handle a team in the bank on specific issues. There are three Cs which are essential under the leadership skill- Clarity (to take a decision), content (the vertical debt in each point) and confidence (to face any issues). During the GD, you will be evaluated on how well you are in your thoughts and putting them during the discussion.

You will be given a topic on which you will need to discuss along with other candidates. This is the best chance for you to show your leadership skills.

  • Knowledge

Not just during the GD, but also during the entire examination process, knowledge is critical. The knowledge should not be limited to a particular subject but other areas too. From economics to banking and general knowledge of every aspect of topics, you will be tested. It is essential to practice on each element of the subject and way in advance. Be well versed with current events, especially the political scenario.

  • Group Dynamics

This skill is to strike a balance between an individual’s excellence and group performance. Individuals scoring high in this skill will get more chances to work as PO and in groups. The group dynamic also reflects your team skills and listening skills.

  • Logical Ability and Analytical Skills

During the PO job career, there will be work where you will need to present your analytical skills. Moreover, your logical ability reflects your arguments and structure, streamlining facts.

  • Communication Skill

This is an essential trait you need to carry, not just in PO job, but also in other areas. During the PO jobs, you will be communicating with customers, stakeholders and others. Therefore, it is vital to keep the communication flow easy. While the verbal communication scores more on the parameters like articulation and modulation, the non-verbal defines his/her adequacy like eye contact and posture.

Preparing for specific skills

Not everyone is born with all the significant skills, but need to learn and practice. Few are good in communication, and rest are good in logical reasoning. If you are not good at communication, then it is best to join any communication skill learning class. This will help in gaining practice and confidence to speak.

In GD, confidence is the most crucial part because other candidates are participating in the session, and you need to showcase your skill. Furthermore, to gain knowledge of different subjects, you need to seek assistance from books related to the respective subjects.

Before you start practising for GD, it is vital to know the roles and responsibilities of PO-

  • The primary duty of the PO is to assist and support the bank manager for daily operations of the branch.
  • He or she will be responsible for hiring new employees for different positions.
  • PO will be responsible for handling daily functions of customer service.
  • PO will be responsible for motivating employees after evaluating their performance.
  • Handling cash, payment clearance and issuing of cheques are three primary financial responsibilities of the PO
  • Bringing new business is the most important aspect of PO job.

Overall, the duty and responsibilities of the bank PO entirely depend on the skill the respective candidate has. To build a promising career in bank PO, it is important to have complete knowledge about the job and other aspects. So look for the IBPS PO vacancy and apply for the same.


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