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Top 5 Cars With Incredibly Cool Headlights in India

Last Updated On April 13, 2020

Top 5 Cars With Incredibly Cool Headlights in India


India produced more than four million cars last year. While most of them were made in response to the growing demand, very few outshone the lot.

When you think of cars, headlights are probably the least of your concerns. However, since they are one of the most important sets of equipment on any car, let’s look at some of the coolest car headlight designs in India that not only look great but also offer the most practicality.

Types of Headlights


·         Halogen

Halogen headlights have become standard in the cars we use today and are easily available at They are an extension, rather an upgraded version, of incandescent lights. The properties of the halogen light form a tungsten filament, which we know as the yellow light. Since they are cheaper to produce, they are more affordable than LEDs and their other counterparts. Halogen bulbs produce a lot of heat when they are turned on. So, if you put your hand near the headlight, you will immediately feel the high temperature.


·         LED

LED is rapidly replacing halogen bulbs because of its proven resourcefulness on the roads. LED bulbs project better and brighter lights, which make it easier and quicker for the driver to notice any obstacles on their way. Although these bulbs have a white light, they are not too uncomfortable to the eyes.

Check out the top five cars with the most practical and coolest headlights in India below –

 1.   Audi R8

Audio R8 may be on the higher end of the price scale, but it’s definitely worth it. The previous models flaunted stunning LED headlights that are recognisable from even the remotest of the corners. They set the car apart in the room. And that was actually one of the reasons for its enormous price because LED lights are quite expensive.

The full-LED headlamps on the car project a bright beam unparalleled to most vehicles in the market. With a wide-ranging wavelength and a colour that is soothing to the eyes, Audi R8’s headlights have been a hot topic ever since they launched.

The brand soon launched a newer version of the vehicle with a technology that combined laser light with “dynamic turn signals.” Today, both the front and rear lights have a separate strip indicator for turn signals that almost look signature to the car’s appearance.

Presently, different variants of Audi R8 come with different headlights. From LED to Laser, you can choose the kind of headlights you want on your car and that’s pretty cool.

2.   Volvo XC90

When Volvo XC90 made its debut in 2015, everyone praised its magnificence. Its splendour was like no other. And one thing that stood out was the headlights, which the company lovingly nicknamed after the mighty and mythical Norse god. Being a Swedish car manufacturer, Volvo thought it fitting to call Volvo XC90’s headlights ‘Thor’s Hammer’ because they resembled the shape of Mjölnir.

With a thick handle-like bulb, which offers a bright LED light, the headlights are pleasant and comforting to the other drivers’ eyes. But what’s more striking about the design is that it’s extremely practical. Volvo XC90 is equipped with active bending lights – a feature that is automatically initiated upon ignition.

The active bending lights allow you to get a broader view of the road, especially when you are driving at night. Additionally, the headlights also have an automatic levelling, so you don’t have to compromise your vision.

3.   Honda City

In India, Honda City is a dream car for several aspirants. In fact, it is one of Honda’s best-selling cars. From a sleek body to a startling design, the car is an embodiment of perfection. However, one of the most prominent parts of the automobile is its headlights.

Available in both LED and Halogen variants, Honda City provides you with dual-barrel headlamps. This subcompact car also incorporates LED Day Running Lights, which prove to be extremely resourceful in regions with fog or smog. And while all variants enjoy LED headlights, only the top variant gets to flaunt Advanced lnline LED Headlamps.

4.   Toyota Corolla Altis

Toyota Corolla Altis can be considered a close competition to Honda City. They fall in almost the same price category but the headlights on this one are slightly cooler. Corolla Altis’ headlights are adjustable. Depending on the width and darkness, the driver can alter the settings to get a better view of the road.

The bi-beam LED headlamps are paired with both front and rear fog lights. With LED Day Running Lights, Toyota lets you choose from halogen and LED options for your car. Since the car also comes with dual-barrel headlamps, it not only has the coolest headlights but also the most practical ones.

5.   Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

Maruti Suzuki makes Ciaz available to their customers under the banner of Nexa – a luxury brand extension of Maruti Suzuki. So, it’s not surprising that the cars under Nexa are better built and incorporate more advanced features than any of their relatively low-end products.

Ciaz features both halogen and LED projector lamps. In the past, projector lamps have restrictedly been a mark of luxury cars. They project high-intensity bright lights, which offers an unmatched vision and comfort to the driver.

Like the rest of the cars on the list, Ciaz also comes with Day Running Lights and fog lamps in the front – an undeniable added convenience for the customers. But its automatic levelling feature is one thing that fewer cars enjoy, making it one of the top cars with incredibly cool headlights in India.

Bottom Line –

The interesting thing about cars is that you can actually customise and modify it the way you like. So, it doesn’t matter what kind of headlights your car originally comes with. You can replace them with newer, cooler ones. Boodmo is one of the most reliable and customer-friendly spare parts suppliers in India. You can find the most suitable headlights for your car without leaving the comfort of your couch.


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