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Steps to crack English Language section of RBI Assistant Mains 2020 Exam

Last Updated On May 18, 2020

Steps to crack English Language section of RBI Assistant Mains 2020 Exam

The RBI Assistant Main 2020 exam consists of 5 distinct sections; the English Language is one of them which requires a stronghold on grammar rules, consistent practice, vocabulary enhancement, and speed to secure maximum marks and improve your likelihood of qualifying the exam.

A good score in this section gives a competitive edge to the aspirant and improved chances of being successful in the RBI Assistant Mains 2020 Exam. However, it is crucial to be well prepared in all the 5 sections as they hold similar weightage but in this article let’s look at the must follow steps to crack English Section section for the upcoming RBI Assistant Mains 2020 exam:


  1. Prepare a preparation plan and strategy

If you have a clear roadmap to the exam day, it shall be easier to have a fruitful exam preparation. Curate a preparation plan and divide all the English Section topics day wise. Assign separate time for revision and practicing the questions.

Also include reading in your study plan. At the beginning of the preparation, you will take more time to get accustomed to it if you are a new reader. But be a consistent reader throughout the preparation as it will help you in your vocabulary and comprehension section.


  1. Previous year papers

Previous year papers are one of the most important resources in your exam preparation. They give you an insight into the level of questions asked along with the question trend, and the weightage of different topics. For English Section, it also helps you curate a list of all the words and vocabulary asked in the past 10 years. In the RBI Assistant Mains Exam, the vocabulary questions are often repeated, and one must be prepared to answer them as they are an easy score.


  1. 30 minutes for 40 questions: 

You must note that there is a sectional timer in RBI Assistant Mains Exam therefore, you must strategize on the sequence of questions to attempted and also manage time judiciously. You must manage the time accordingly and do not get stuck on one question. The idea is to score maximum questioning accurately irrespective of the level of difficulty.


  1. Stronghold on grammar and rules

Be very clear about the grammar rules and practice them with all levels of questions. Ensure that you make notes and compile all the important information to be memorized in one place. In the end, this will make your revision faster and easier.


  1. Vocabulary

Vocabulary is a crucial section of the English language paper; therefore, you must prepare it comprehensively. Vocabulary is like formals for maths section; accordingly, you must revise them every day for better memorization and retention. Cover all the past year questions on vocabulary and also compliment your notes with any new word that you come across during regular reading.


You can also refer to Gradeup for RBI Assistant Main 2020 exam preparation as you can get access to numerous vocabulary study material along with regularly updated quizzes and mock tests for regular practice.


  1. Familiarise yourself with the tricky  questions

There are numerous questions especially in passive- active and direct-indirect that are a little tricky and confusing in nature. You must note such questions where the regular grammar does not apply and are an exception. Familiarise yourself with such questions to avoid making mistakes.

You must also note types of questions where you often make mistakes and improve your skills accordingly. Your target is to attempt maximum questions with minimum errors.


  1. Know your strengths and prioritize

You must analyze and prioritize the weaker sections as per the syllabus. Work on them and ensure that you are left with no topics in the weaker section by the end of the exam preparation.

Lastly, you must make a strategy to attempt the paper while avoiding the guesswork altogether. If you are stuck on questions where you are partially sure of the answer, come back to the question to re-attempt it and take a calculated guess. Your mindset during the exam must be focused on maximizing the score and not think about the consequences of th exam result. Focus on solving the paper, and you will surely do your best.

All the best.



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