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Sri Chaitanya IIT Coaching reviews -Coaching institutions reviews by passed Alumni

Last Updated On November 29, 2020

Is Narayana or Chaitanya best for an IIT | A Brief Comparison For Aspiring Students


For some people, Sri Chaitanya is better and for some people, Narayana is better.   So, how can you figure out Which one is better? It is very confusing for most of the students and parents. If you are also trying to figure out this question then don’t worry, this article is especially for you. We will do a brief comparison of these both Institutes. 


In this article, we will compare the major things that every student and parents consider while taking admission in any institution. Is Narayana or Chaitanya best for an IIT? If you want to know the answer to this question then just stick to the end of this article. This article is going to help you a lot. So, let’s begin with it. 


Comparison of Faculty 

Let’s start with Sri Chaitanya. Sri Chaitanya has one of the best faculty in India. Sri Chaitanya’s faculty is the biggest reason behind its huge success. They conduct weekly tests for students. These tests are proved very helpful for students to recall what they have studied. These tests also help teachers to understand that all the students are understanding every concept or not. 

They also conduct debate sessions every week. These debate sessions are very beneficial for every student because it helps them to grow mentally, it teaches them to think and it increases the student’s critical thinking power. 

If any student is taking admission in Sri Chaitanya Coaching as a hosteler then he/she doesn’t have to worry about timings because Sri Chaitanya has made a very flexible time table where all the students get time to focus on their physical health.


Let’s talk about Narayana’s faculty. Narayana’s faculty can’t even touch Sri Chaitanya’s faculty. In Narayana, they don’t conduct any weekly tests. They just jump to the exams and don’t give attention to student’s learnings. And it is a terrible quality that any institution can have. 

If we talk about the time table then they have made a very tight time table where students can’t spend some time in playing any kind of sports. Because of this, some students feel very frustrated.

Also, they don’t pay attention to the student’s critical thinking. They don’t conduct any session that can help students to grow mentally. 


Comparison of teachers


The teachers of Narayana are completely average, there is no doubt in it. They don’t have the qualities of a good teacher. Even some of the students of Narayana have said that teachers are not well qualified to teach. They don’t teach any concept briefly and because of this most of the students fail to understand the concepts and they have to do it on their own. 

They don’t even conduct any separate classes to solve student’s doubts. They mostly focus on the toppers of the school. They are very strict, whenever any student asks questions related to studies they don’t even reply properly. 


Let’s take a look at Sri Chaitanya’s teachers. 

Teachers of Sri Chaitanya are the experts in their subjects. They know the method of teaching. They know how to engage students in their studies so that students can focus on their studies productively. They also give students to play mindfulness games so that they don’t get bored while studying. 

They have a friendly relationship with the students. Because of this, the students don’t hesitate while asking questions related to their studies. Also, teachers of Sri Chaitanya conduct separate classes for solving student’s doubts. And these classes have improved many students.


Mental Health Preparation 


Sit Chaitanya understands the importance of mental health. They know that sometimes it gets very difficult for many students to prepare for competitive exams. Many students get depressed or stressed even after completing the whole syllabus. But Sri Chaitanya has a solution to this problem also. They conduct special classes where counselors talk to the students and understand them. They help them to get over anxiety, depressions or stress. Also, teachers help students in becoming mentally fit.

If we talk about Narayana then there are not any type of teachers or counselors who can help students on a mental level.



So, this was the article about Is Narayana or Chaitanya best for an IIT? Here you got to know how Sri Chaitanya is far better than Narayana. From teachers to its faculty, there is no competition for Sri Chaitanya. Now, I hope this article will help you in choosing the best institution between Sri Chaitanya and Narayana.


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