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Why Law? Reasons why you should take a law degree

Last Updated On June 7, 2018

Why Law? Reasons why you should take a law degree

Why Law?

It is a degree that would expand professional opportunities. This degree would help you to climb the professional ladder faster. Lawyer plays an important part of the society because every person and organization have to abide by some or the other type of laws. It can be a law regarding intellectual property, family law, international law, sports law, entertainment law, etc. This is one such area where recession would not have its adverse effects because the law will always be there and the practitioners will always be in demand. Not only this the law schools prepares its graduates with skills, they are transferable to alternate careers and this also gives them a competitive edge over others.

Reasons to take a law degree

  1. Has the best international colleges

Law schools that are present throughout the world are among the best colleges in the world. An international law school would provide opportunities and exposure, that would transform you to be one of the best lawyers. The curriculum of these colleges prepare the students to deal with all the type of adverse conditions that being a lawyer you would face. The good thing about this law courses is that it has a combination of theory and practice in such a way that it seems to be the perfect option for a distance degree program. There are a large number of law aspirant who prefers to take an online Law degree from the prestigious colleges thus making their degree worth.

Some internationaly acclaimed best law schools have their own mock courtrooms and running moot competitions and pro bono societies, which would give the students a head-on as to how things happen in the real world.

  1. Studying law will equip you with a variety of skills

During the course of becoming a lawyer, you would be equipped with skills that you can host for the rest of your professional career. Few of these skills are:

  • Critical Analysis: A law student is accepted, to read a number of law rules and regulations, primary source information and come up with a conclusion.
  • Research: It is done through the analysis of case studies
  • Learning how to communicate in different situations: As a law student, you will be needed to have a grip on a whole new set of language but they should also learn how to communicate to another non-lawyer in layman’s terms.
  • Writing: One of the most important aspect as you are expected to communicate all of the above – on paper!
  1. Respect

Being a lawyer catapults you to a place in the society where you are respected by everyone. As the law is one of the oldest fields of study, professions and human endeavour. A variety of skill that they lawyer has put them on the forefront of the employer’s minds.

  1. Clear options for a postgraduate degree

An undergraduate who has studied law has a number of clearly defined career options for this next big step such as:

  • LPC (Legal Practice Course): – for solicitors
  • BPTC (Bar Professional Training Course): – for solicitors
  • LLM: – this for those who wish to polish their already acquired law skills and to have a higher pay they go for Masters of Law degree
  1. Law and case-based learning goes hand in hand

A student even while learning the degree would spend a lot of time trawling through relevant cases. They can use the real-life examples to demonstrate a theory.


A law degree is something that would give you an advantage over others, and due to the ease of attaining it makes one of the most aspired degrees. A law degree for which you would be applying online should be prior checked whether it is accredited or not and also about other factors of the college. But this can be time consuming and difficult process, but since there are websites like thecollegemonk, the work load can be reduced as they have a list of all the law colleges that are accredited and also also have complete details about the institute that would help you to choose the best college that suits your requirements.

Thus, if you are planning to make your career in this field make sure that you are well prepared,  as you will have huge success. However one should posses will and dedication towards hard work.


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