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Know-How To Solve- Class 11 Maths NCERT Solutions

Last Updated On September 19, 2020

Know-How To Solve- Class 11 Maths NCERT Solutions

Maths binds the universe together and helps it keep from falling apart. Math is needed in every step of life, whatever we do, we need mathematics. The star

Ts, the universe, the solar system, the blooming flowers, the dipping of water from this, the rivers, the art of cooking food, everything depends on maths. 


Science, technology and mathematics is the basis of any country’s future. Without technology, the world would be in a standstill. Learning and understanding mathematics is not only limited to school and scoring good marks, but it is something more, it needs to be applied. 


Mathematics has made humans reasonable, increases the mental ability of critical thinking, helps analyze data, recognizing patterns, proposing hypotheses, taking proofs, being rational and many more. 


Class 11 mathematics is the advanced version of the class 9 mathematics. You will learn elaborately about these formulas and dive deep into the perspectives. Class 11 is the stepping stone for class 12, therefore, you need to be very careful and be really attentive to do good in class 12. 

How Many Chapters Are There In Class 11 Maths?

There are 16 chapters in total for class 11 maths. Class 11 Maths NCERT solutions will help you explore each of these chapters easily and make it understandable for you. 

Which Book is For Class 11 Maths?

For every class, NCERT has prepared a textbook to help you. 80% questions in your maths examination will come from within the textbook. You can also refer to one of the best books R.D Sharma. 

Is Class 11 Maths Tough?

If you don’t understand a concept, it will appear as the toughest concept to you. Therefore NCERT has prepared a textbook that has clearly explained each and every concept clearly. With these CBSE textbooks, trust me you can achieve good scores in all India based competitive exams. NEET, JEE etc question papers are based on this syllabus. 

How Can We Help You With Class 11 Maths NCERT Solutions?

The NCERT solutions we will provide you, are chalked out by some of the best maths teachers. Maths is a subject that you need to understand totally and apply every formula logically. Without logic and reasoning, maths applications are of no value. These solutions are available to everyone who has the internet. Class 11 maths solutions cover all the chapters and their exercises too. These solutions are well researched and arranged in a proper manner. NCERT provides a holistic solution, to help their students. Do you know something, even the toughest chapters are broken down to its simplest forms? 


Learning mathematics is something similar to cooking, it is never perfect for the first time, with regular practise one can be a good mathematician and as well a good cook. These solutions also have some secret tips and tricks for better calculation strategies. 


Class 11 maths NCERT solutions, is not just beneficial for CBSE students. Many aspiring government job employees study this particular textbook because every competitive exam is designed by NCERT. Even the JEE, JEE-Mains they can take help from these solutions provided by NCERT. If you are going to give your senior secondary and thought of trying your luck on JEE or IIT, this solution is your only Bible. 

What Is The Most Important Chapter For Class 11? 

Calculus is the most important. If you are preparing for JEE, don’t take calculus lightly, study it deeply. Trigonometry, sets, binomial theorem and permutations combinations are also important. 

Preparation For Exams 

Like every other exam, maths needs to be practised, but to score good marks in maths, practise and understanding of the concept maintain only the key. 

  • maintain a formula book. Learn the formulas by heart. It will help you during your exams. 
  • Solve question papers as much as you can. Try to finish a single sum within a minute or two. This will help you finish your r paper early while providing you some extra time to revise your paper. 
  • Clarify your doubts. Ask hundreds of times to clear any knot of doubt. Understand the basic concepts clearly before practising maths. 
  • Give extra attention to textbooks because most of the sums generated come from these textbooks. 
  • Practise R.D Sharma through, try to do the sums differently. 
  • Practice every chapter and read every topic regularly, so that you don’t forget it. 


Lastly, for preparing any exam, you need to stay calm, eat healthily and take proper rest, NCERT Solutions will do the rest!  


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