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Liv Morgan Dating

Is Liv Morgan Dating: Exploring Her Dating History

Last Updated On December 18, 2023

Ah, Liv Morgan. The enigmatic WWE Superstar with a smile that could light up an arena and a dropkick that could send your jaw to the floor. But beyond the electrifying ring presence and captivating charisma, lies a question that piques the curiosity of many: Is Liv Morgan dating? Unveiling the love life of a wrestler is often a tricky tango, shrouded in a mix of speculation, online whispers, and carefully curated social media posts. But fret not, intrepid fans, for we’re embarking on a journey to explore the fascinating, and sometimes puzzling, landscape of Liv Morgan’s dating history.

Is Liv Morgan Dating: Exploring Her Dating History

 Liv Morgan Dating





Who is Liv Morgan?

Liv Morgan, whose real name is Gionna Daddio, is an accomplished American professional wrestler and actress. She is best known by her ring name, Liv Morgan, and is currently signed with WWE as a member of the Raw brand.

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Liv Morgan’s Dating Life: Past and Present

Liv Morgan, the current SmackDown Women’s Champion in WWE, has captured the hearts of fans not only with her in-ring prowess but also with her infectious charisma. When it comes to her love life, however, things are a bit more low-key.

Past Relationships:

nZo (Enzo Amore):

Liv’s most well-known relationship was with former WWE Cruiserweight Champion nZo (Enzo Amore) before she entered WWE. They dated for several years before breaking up in 2017.

Rumors swirled about a potential romance between Liv and NXT UK star Tyler Bate in 2018, fueled by playful social media interactions. However, neither officially confirmed the relationship.

Bo Dallas:

The latest whispers in the wrestling world hint at a possible romance between Liv and former WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Bo Dallas. Wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer reported that they not only live together but also have a family real estate venture together.


There have also been speculations about a potential connection between Liv and AEW World Champion MJF. However, both have remained tight-lipped about any romantic involvement.

Liv Morgan Networth:

As of 2023, Liv Morgan’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million. Her primary source of income is her salary from WWE, which is reported to be $600,000 per year. She also earns money from endorsement deals and merchandise sales.

Morgan began her professional wrestling career in 2014, signing with WWE’s developmental territory, NXT. She made her main roster debut in 2017 and has since become one of the most popular female wrestlers in the company. She is a former SmackDown Women’s Champion and has won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship twice.

Morgan is known for her high-energy personality and her ability to connect with fans. She is also a strong advocate for social justice and has spoken out about issues such as mental health and body positivity.

Liv Morgan: Rising Star of the WWE

Liv Morgan, the energetic and captivating Superstar from Elmwood Park, New Jersey, has carved her own path in the world of professional wrestling. Her journey has been filled with memorable moments, showcasing her resilience, talent, and undeniable charisma.

Liv Morgan’s career is far from over, and she continues to captivate audiences with her infectious energy and in-ring prowess. Her dedication, resilience, and connection with the fans have cemented her place as a rising star in the world of professional wrestling.

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Q:Is Liv Morgan currently dating anyone? 

There is no official confirmation regarding Liv Morgan’s current relationship status. Rumors have linked her to AEW World Champion MJF, but the details remain private.

Q:Who are some of Liv Morgan’s past relationships?

Liv Morgan has been previously linked to former WWE Cruiserweight Champion nZo (Enzo Amore) and NXT UK star Tyler Bate.

Q:Is Liv Morgan married?

Liv Morgan is not currently married.

Q:Does Liv Morgan have any children?

Liv Morgan does not have any children.

Q:Where can I find updates on Liv Morgan’s personal life?

You can follow Liv Morgan on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram for occasional glimpses into her personal life. However, she typically keeps her relationships private.


Liv Morgan’s dating history reveals a fascinating glimpse into her life outside the ring. While she enjoys her role as a dedicated wrestler, she has also explored romantic relationships throughout her career. Though details remain somewhat private, understanding these relationships adds another layer to her persona and the public’s perception of her. While the current status of her dating life remains ambiguous, fans can continue to support Liv Morgan both inside the ring as she pursues her wrestling ambitions and in her personal life, respecting her privacy and celebrating her choices.


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