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CTET All Shift Wise Question Paper December 2021 : Analysis Paper 1, 2

Last Updated On December 28, 2021

CTET All Shift Wise Question Paper December 2021 (Analysis)

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CTET All Shift Wise Question Paper 2021 is being conducted in the morning shift from 16th December 2021 to 13th January 2022. The mode of exam is online/ computer-based, and the candidates will have to submit the answers online. CTET All Shift Wise Question Paper 2021 the exam is being conducted online, the students will not get a copy of the question paper after the exam. CBSE will officially release the response sheets of CTET 2021 in the third week of January 2022. The memory-based questions are available on this page, which is being collected from students after the exam.

CTET All Shift Wise Question Paper

CTET December 2021 Question Paper

CTET December 2021 Paper 1 Question Paper (Memory-Based)

You can check the memory-based questions of CTET December 2021 Paper 1 here. The day-wise questions are being added here –

28th December 2021 – Paper 1 Questions –
  1. Vygotsky believes that children learn from _____.
  2. According to Vygotsky, what are the main ways of development during preschool days?
  3. What is known as Accommodation as per Piaget’s theory?
  4. True/ false statement about adolescence age.
  5. Which age group falls under the later childhood category?
  6. According to Vygotsky, ‘the relationship between development and learning’ summarised best by which statement?
  7. What is the irreversibility of thoughts as per Piaget?
  8. According to NCF 2005, connecting knowledge across disciplinary boundaries provides a broader framework for ____.
  9. What is a learning disability?
  10. What is Dysgraphia learning disability associated with?
  11. Which bird can move its neck back and forth with a jerk?
  12. Which are the neighboring states of Tamil Nadu?
  13. In which area the houses made up of stones are found?
  14. In which part of India, the houses made up of bamboo and woods are found?
  15. What will be the direction from New Delhi to Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) and then Ranchi (Jharkhand)?
  16. The disease rickets is caused by deficiency of which vitamin?
  17. The syllabus of EVS at the primary level is divided into how many themes?
  18. What types of houses are found in the hot desert of Rajasthan and in villages?
  19. Which painting belongs to Maharashtra and consists of a story depicted through it.
  20. Statement based questions about Jhoom farming in Mizoram.

27th December 2021 – Paper 1 Questions
  1. According to Piaget’s stage of cognitive development, which ability is the sensory-motor stage associated with?
  2. What is known as Assimilation?
  3. What is the concrete operational stage of Piaget?
  4. Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence emphasizes on ______.
  5. What is considered the educational implication of Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence?
  6. ______ is a temporary structure of help provided in ZPD to increase the potential of an individual.
  7. What is private speech and learning mechanism as per Vygotsky?
  8. True/ False statements about Development.
  9. What is the social order maintaining orientation as per Lawrence Kohlberg’s theory of moral development?
  10. According to Kohlberg’s theory, what is moral development?
  11. In which way the houseboats of Kerala are different from those found in Srinagar?
  12. Which are greenhouse gases?
  13. In which state, the pitcher plant is found?
  14. True/ False statements about Elephants.
  15. How do tigers mark their own area?
  16. What does the Analysis level of Van Hiele model of learning Mathematics students describe?
  17. A sum of Rs. 600 is lent for 3 years at the rate of 25% per annum. Find the simple interest.
  18. Ram starts from a point and walks 3 km towards North, turns towards his right and walks 3 km, turns right again, and walks again. In which direction is he facing now?
  19. The product of a 2 digit number is 72. If we add 9 to the number, the new number obtained is a number formed by the interchange of those 2 digit numbers. Find the number.
  20. In assembly, the students are standing in a line. Ruhi is 19th from both ends. How many students are present in that class?
24th December 2021 – Paper 1 Questions
  1. What are the two basic complementary processes of adaptation?
  2. Why is moral education important in the teaching of students?
  3. According to Piaget, at which stage do children develop abstract logic and reasoning skills?
  4. Which is not a part of Piaget’s pre-operational stage?
  5. What does the conventional stage of morality as per Lawrence Kohlberg’s theory suggest?
  6. According to Vygotsky, social interaction of a child begins at which stage of development?
  7. Right to Education Act, 2009.
  8. What does the concept of progressive education deal with?
  9. The inability to write is a symptom of which learning disability?
  10. What is Jhoom practice in Mizoram?
  11. In which state, the meaning of ‘Torang’ is jungle?
  12. What is Kanauj famous for?
  13. To enable pupils to develop critical thinking is the objective of which activity?
  14. Each tiger has its own area. How do they mark their area?
  15. Which bird lays eggs in the crow’s nest?
  16. Which bird makes its nest on the top of the tree with grass and lays its eggs in between the stones?
  17. Theme and sub-themes of EVS.
  18. The sum of three consecutive numbers is always divisible by ______.
  19. By adding x to 324567, the resulting number becomes divisible by 11, while adding y to 324567 makes the resulting number divisible by 4. Find the value of x+y.
  20. The ratio of the length and perimeter of a rectangle is 2:7. What is the ratio of length and breadth of the rectangle?

23rd December 2021 – Paper 1 Questions
  1. Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence leads emphasis on which ability?
  2. What is meant by multiple intelligence as per Howard Gardner?
  3. How many stages of intellectual development are identified by Jean Piaget?
  4. According to Piaget, how do children learn?
  5. According to Kohlberg, the thinking process involved in the judgment of right and wrong is called?
  6. What are the levels of moral development as per Kohlberg’s moral development theory?
  7. How is cognitive development shaped as per Lev Vygotsky?
  8. Multilingualism in the classroom must be understood as ____ by the teachers.
  9. How are the children in progressive education like?
  10. Which strategy is helpful for mentally retarded children?
  11. Rice, Maize, Jowar, etc. are examples of which season crops?
  12. Which is the plant used by Mendel for his experiment on genetics?
  13. What is the full form of BALA?
  14. Madhubani paintings are made of special colors mixed in the paste of?
  15. Statements true/ false about honeybees and beehives.
  16. What is Jhoom farming practice in Mizoram?
  17. What is the theme of EVS?
  18. Which is not a part of Plough?
  19. What is Jim Corbett National Park famous for?
  20. What is the life sequence of the silkworm?
22nd December 2021 – Paper 1 Questions
  1. Component of Piaget’s Theory.
  2. Moral education is important in the teaching of the students because ____
  3. What is known as the interaction between the child and an adult who guides the child to finish a task?
  4. Stages of Piaget’s Cognitive Development (How many stages, what are the stages)
  5. What does the convention level morality represent in Kohlberg’s theory?
  6. What has Vygotsky called the place or area of immediate changes?
  7. Quality of progressive education program.
  8. What is Heinz’s Dilemma associated with?
  9. What are the principles of an inclusive education system?
  10. Inclusive education implies students with special needs should be taught along with _____
  11. Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence (Type of intelligence and end state matching).
  12. Rice, Bhat-sukho, Chola dal are famous food materials of which region?
  13. Which birds are able to see distinctly the object four times as far as we can see?
  14. If a bus takes two hours to travel between two villages which are 50 km apart, calculate the average speed of the bus.
  15. The neighboring state of Gujarat.
  16. A plant named pitcher plant eat frogs, insects, and even mouse. What is the other name of this plant?
  17. The syllabus of EVS at the primary level is divided into how many themes?
  18. Boiled Tapioca with any curry made using coconut is the preferred food of which region?
  19. The direction of Gandhinagar and Patna with respect to the location of Delhi on Map of India.
  20. Where are Pitcher plants found in India?

21st December 2021 – Paper 1 Questions 
  1. What does the Pre-operational stage in Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development characterize?
  2. According to Jean Piaget, a child is someone who _____
  3. Which of the following is inappropriate among the five principles of NCF 2005?
  4. Disparyxia, a learning difficulty is related to what?
  5. In an inclusive classroom, a teacher ____ individualized education plans.
  6. What is Development?
  7. Which group of eatables are rich in iron?
  8. Which state people prefer boiled tapioca with any curry?
  9. Houses made of wood and bamboo are found in which part of India?
  10. The walls of houses of cold desert areas of Ladakh are coated with?
  11. Houses made of wood and stone are found in which part of India?
  12. Which bird has eyes in front of its head like humans?
  13. Kuduk is the language of which state?
  14. In which way does the feature of “survey & write” available in the EVS textbook helps students in the learning process?
  15. London time is 5 and a half hours behind Delhi time. What time is it in London if it’s 10:30 in Delhi?
  16. Find the time in which a train passes a man standing on the station if the train 100m long is running at a speed of 30 km/hr.
  17. Find the disorder from the given symptoms.
  18. Main characteristics of Instructional Material.
  19. Match the following.
  20. Find the teaching style.
20th December 2021 – Paper 1 Questions 
  1. According to Piaget, which is the correct order of Cognitive Development?
  2. Vygotsky believes that Children learn from
  3. In an inclusive classroom, emphasis should be given to?
  4. Which among the following is the theory proposed by Kohler? (Options – Trail & Error Learning, Sign Learning, Insight Theory & Experiential Learning)
  5. According to Jean Piaget, which of the following method a child of Age 0-2 uses in the learning process?
  6. What is the best way to make the education system more inclusive in nature?
  7. What kind of effect does a reward scheme have in enhancing a child’s motivation?
  8. Which is the basic principle of the Project Method?
  9. There was a question related to the Additive inverse of natural numbers
  10. There was a question related to ‘Structural Approach of Language Teaching’
  11. The name of the fruit that is rich in Vitamin C and helps in fighting infectious disease is
  12. Antonym of ‘Vagrant’
  13. Synonym of ‘Ambiguous’
  14. Critical listening is helpful in
  15. If you want to visit Gwalior from Delhi, which direction you should travel?
  16. What could be the learning objectives of a teacher visiting Zoo with her students?
  17. ‘Worli’ is a traditional art form from which state?
  18. According to Lawrence Kohlberg, ‘Performing an Act and Doing Something because Others Approve it’ represents which stage or morality?
  19. Who is the ‘Father of Progressive Education’?
  20. Which of the following is not a principle of the Project method in the teaching of EVS?
  21. Gifted Students are usually…… (Ans – Divergent Thinker)
  22. A question related to characteristics of ‘Gifted Children

16th December 2021 – Paper 1 Questions (CTET All Shift Wise Question Paper)
  1. According to Vygotsky, the interaction between a child and adult, who helps the children to finish the task that they could not do
  2. According to Jean Piaget, abstract logic and reasoning skill is learnt by children during
  3. Who is ‘More Knowledgable Other’?
  4. People with Dyscalculia face trouble in
  5. Synonym of MOROSE
  6. Which is the important aspect of an inclusive classroom?
  7. The smallest possible four-place decimal number is
  8. In which figure of speech a part of something is referred to as a whole thing or the whole thing represents any part of it
  9. Why open-ended tasks are difficult to design and check?
  10. Which of the following tree is majorly found in a desert area and have medial value (clue: people eat its fruit as well)
  11. As a teacher, how will you encourage your students to be intrinsically motivated towards learning?
  12. Which of the following statements is not true with regard to Integers?
  13. From the Class V EVS textbook, the section ‘Survey and Write’ majorly aims at
  14. Which of the following is inappropriate among the five guiding principles of NCF 2005?
  15. ‘Pen is mightier than Sword’ is an example of
  16. While doing experiments and project works, Shyama’s performance is considered the best in her class. She is learning and understanding the concepts by
  17. The perimeter of the two squares is 12 cm and 24 cm. Area of the bigger square what times the area of smaller sqaure?
  18. Famous sportsperson Karanam Malleswari belongs to which sport?
  19. Antonym of EXPEDITIOUS
  20. A 12-year old boy is an excellent dancer and his parents are dancers as well. the boy’s parents have joined him in a Dance school to attend over weekends. His dancing capabilities are most likely the result of –
  21. The theme Family in the syllabus of EVS is useful in –
  22. Which of the following can be considered one of the features of progressive learning?
  23. According to Piaget, infants perceive and under the world through
  24. A teacher encourages the students to express their views on the topic. In this case, the teacher wants to
  25. Jimcarbet national park is located in which state
  26. Madhubani paintings belong to which state
  27. Symbolic play comes in which stage of Piaget theory? Preoperational
  28. Misbehaviour at school may reflect the____to___
  29. You know that earth is round…if we are located in India which part of the country will be upside down to you?
  30. Aluminium is found in which state
  31. How we differentiate between general and special child?
  32. Kuduk’ language from which state? Options- Odisha, Bihar, Jharkhand, Arunachal pradesh

CTET All Shift Wise Question Paper


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