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Last Updated On July 23, 2018


Our lives, whether professional or personal and grammar are inextricable. Human life is all about communication and interaction with others for different purposes. Grammar forms the basis of all the languages. Punctuation is another thing which is always paired with grammar and is as important as grammar. Any blunders and mistakes in grammar do look silly. Moreover, the professional fields like engineering, doctorate, legal professions, business etc. demand a high level of communication and grammar forms the base of it. Any silly mistake in grammar can make you look silly. Whether you are making your resume or attending a conference, you are ought to have perfect language, punctuation and grammar skills.

As far as English is concerned, you don’t need to worry at all. GrammerLookup corrector is a free online tool where you can check the grammar and punctuation of your English document or text very easily.The primary goal of this tool is to make your text free from any botches, either huge or little. Remember that the checks may vary as for the lingo you utilize. The best tool would be built in a way that it adapts to each English lingo and other famous terms and dialects in the meantime. This tool has consolidated this element to give you the best outcomes.

Some of the enthralling features of this tool are-

  • It is very easy to use. You just need to copy the text and paste it into the window provided on the tool page. It automatically examines the whole text and highlights all those parts which are having an error. You just need to put your cursor on the highlighted part and options will be displayed according to the correct grammatical structure. You also get the option to replace or substitute a word.
  • This tool deeply analyses the text and detects even a minute punctuation or grammar error. Whether you have missed a comma, or have placed slash at the wrong place, this tool will detect it and allows you to rectify your mistake.
  • One of the most awe-inspiring features of this tool is that it not only rectifies grammatical and punctuation error but also corrects wrong sentence structure. This makes your text or document easily readable and understandable.
  • Another very mesmerizing fact about this tool is that it has user-friendly, easy to use interface and doesn’t require any special knowledge or skill to operate it.

There are many benefits of GrammarLookup corrector:

  • It is a very helpful tool for professionals. You can make your cv, resume, invitations, presentations, projects etc. free from any grammatical or punctuation error. This adds to your impression.
  • It also useful to students in their academics. Whether you are in school or college, this tool comes in handy in all kinds of grammatical and punctuation error rectification. You can perfectly make your project, task or any other work free from any English errors.

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