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Last Updated On November 5, 2020




The world is changing every second with the upcoming technologies. These technologies have helped humankind in so many ways. One such technology is the online proctoring of exams. There are so many benefits to this way of conducting the exams than the traditional way. Both the candidates and the organizations are benefited from the online proctoring. Many softwares are available to facilitate the online proctoring and many organizations have tied bonds with them already. These organizations are already benefiting from the benefits of online proctoring and we have compiled a list of benefits for you to go through it and change your technique of conducting exams now.


The benefits of online proctoring are mentioned below:


Benefits for Candidates


  1. Greater Flexibility of time

The main benefit of online proctoring is the flexibility that it offers to the candidates. Candidates can appear for the exam any time as per their comfort and availability. Since the exam window is open for a few days, the students can block their calendars as per their conveyance. Thousands of people do not have to appear for the test at the same time. With this greater time flexibility, candidates who miss their exams due to genuine reasons, can appear for them any time and not lose the opportunity. They do not have to wait for one whole year to appear again for the test.


  1. Greater comfort

Another advantage of online proctoring of exams for the candidates is that they can appear for the exam with the comfort of sitting home. Many students face nervousness and are unable to perform well in the tests due to anxiety. With the option of taking the tests while sitting at home only, this problem is solved. No candidate feels uncomfortable by taking the test at home and hence does not underperform. Taking the test in a familiar and a calm environment helps to increase the concentration of the candidates as they distract less. With less distraction and more relaxation at home or office, the results are better.


  1. Online Tools are beneficial

The online proctored exams are supposed to be taken through the candidate’s own computer or laptop. This reduces the usage of paper and aching of candidate’s hands while writing the long answers. They can use online tools like text editors and spreadsheets to present their answers well. Candidates are more acquainted to using their own PC’s and hence taking the tests through them increases their comfort and faster typing is achieved. The paper-saving advantage is beneficial for the environment as well. The less the usage of paper, the more it is better for our future.


  1. No need to travel

One of the great advantages of online proctored exams is that the candidates do not need to travel to the exam location. This saves them a lot of money and time. The time utilized t to make the travel arrangements and then travelling to the test-centre is saved and utilized for preparation for the test. Candidates can choose their choice of place to sit and attempt the test. Since the test centres are centralized, candidates from all around the state come to appear for the test. Some candidates can’t afford to travel and lose the opportunity. With online proctoring, candidates do not have to spend money on travelling and staying at the place.


  1. Privacy

One of the added advantages of online proctoring of exams is that candidates are offered a high level of privacy. Many professional people do not wish to be seen in a test centre and take the test privately. Online proctoring is a perfect opportunity for them to take the test from their office or home, without letting anyone know about it.


Benefits for the organizations


  1. Money is saved

Organizations spend a huge amount of money on organizing the tests. Money is given to the test-centres, invigilators, refreshments, getting the papers printed and many more activities. With online proctoring, all this is not required and hence money is saved which would otherwise be spent on these activities. They just have to tie contracts with an online proctoring test provider and more than half of their work is done.


  1. Global reach

With online proctoring of exams, organizations can have the opportunity to provide tests to candidates all around the world and hire them, on the off chance that they clear the test and subsequent rounds. Organizations do not have to stay limited to one region because of travel issues and other geographic factors. They can test the talented candidates from anywhere around the world and have the opportunity to hire them.


  1. Frequent test conduction

Another great benefit of online proctoring of exams is that test can be conducted frequently. Organizations can send out links for the tests any time they feel the need to test the candidates. This is an advantage for the candidates as well, as this feature helps them to prove themselves again and again and have better preparation for what is coming in the future.


  1. Increased security and fair examination

With online proctoring, it has become almost impossible to cheat during the exam. The security is so tight and efficient during these proctoring. The ID cards cannot be faked as a proper algorithm is set to math the ID card with the person allowed to appear for the test. Then, the invigilator looking at the candidate from a large screen, it becomes very hard for the candidate to even try to cheat. On top of this, these exams are recorded and the proof of any candidate using unfair means is captured for the reference. Due to the algorithms, if a candidate tries to cheat, their test is automatically turned off after a few warnings. No candidate can escape this type of security and is left with no other option than to study.


With so many advantages of online proctoring of exams, it is now becoming more and more common for organizations to run online proctored exams. This method has many benefits as compared to the traditional method of conducting the test. Many softwares have been designed to provide the proctoring solution to exam conduction. One must go through these benefits to realize how far we have come.



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