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Alternative Investment Assets You Should Look Closer in 2021

Last Updated On July 20, 2021

What is Meant by Alternative Assets?


If one decides to sort all available investment concepts to find out the answer to “What should I invest in 2021?”, then all of them will hit one of four groups. They are for stocks, for cash, for bonds, and the last – for everything. Exactly the latter has not very clear content but still comes up with so many opportunities for the investor. This group can be called “alternative investments.”

Even though a person may come across certain barriers when deciding to make some money, this group can keep all your investments diversified. As a result, you are introduced to large arenas like the art world, real estate, etc. This will help you have a financial cushion. However, investment alternatives are unregulated highly, so you should be aware not only of rewards but the risks as well.


Due to the notion of nature, it is easier to say what alternative assets are not rather than what they are. So, this term is related to any asset which doesn’t fit any of conventional groups, or, better say, traditional investments (bonds, stocks, etc.) It can be a physical item such as a piece of art, an expensive bottle of wine, or something more intangible like a stake in a particular private business.


What unites all exotic alternatives is that they are not regulated by the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission). This is also their main difference from traditional investments. You will not be able to get your money back in simpler words if you find out that the purchased picture is a forgery because there are no regulations, and you take the entire responsibility. The seller may use anonymous IP, so you may forget about your money. There are so many details that you should keep in your mind.


Alternative Assets: Advantages and Risks


The main advantage of investing in alternative assets is the possibility of getting a larger profit. This is why most people consider this type of investing. Along with high rewards, there are such well-known pros as:

  • Portfolio diversification
  • Counterweight to conventional assets
  • Inflation hedge


Still, certain risks also exist. Among them are:

  • Illiquid
  • Unregulated by the government
  • Challenging to value


If you decide to try to invest in exotic items, then let’s find out what types exist. Finally, you will understand what direction to move in.


What Are Types of Alternative Investments?


Alternative investments are becoming more acceptable for average investors thanks to private investment companies. You must always stay aware of the market; that’s why it is necessary to be aware of the main categories and their features. Here are four top classes of alternative investments.


Investments in Wine

Investing in wine is similar to investing in a startup, as you need many years to see the result. Still, in the case of a startup, you can be sure for 100% while wine is becoming a great option for investing money these days. It is recognized as the most demanded luxury product all over the world since ancient times. The rarest and the most expensive wines have a strong demand growth status, so rich people want to have at least a few bottles in their collections as the prices are only growing.


Wine is a perfect option for investing money as the risks are lower than in the case of a stock market. There, the prices may be quite changeable with rising one day and decreasing the next one. Wine is known for providing stable returns every year, and there are almost no risks for diminishing its value. Since 2004, wine has seen a return of 247%.


On average, the annual wine return is about 8% within the last 16 years. Moreover, the prices are expected only to increase at the same rates. A combination of several factors may explain this:

  1. Boosting demand
  2. Limited constant production
  3. Continuous consumption
  4. Increasing production cost


Various financial crises prove that investing in wine is a good decision since it has solid and stable returns. It doesn’t matter whether you just want to preserve your fortune or increase it. Thanks to strong preserving features, the wine will not lose its worth in a single day. In simpler words, if you do not sell a bottle of expensive wine today, you will sell it the next day.


Even if it takes you more time, the bottle will not lose its value. If you want to conceal your identity while reaching the seller, you can use special tools. Veepn will help you stay anonymous and still invest your money smartly.


So, what to buy? One of the absolute must-have is French Bordeaux. Champagne is also a good option for investing as it meets a crucial factor that is a huge present consumption worldwide. Currently, Burgundy sees a growing demand as well. “Super –Tuscan“ wines are low but very profitable investment. Of course, the world of collectibles, like any other one, comes with certain risks. But there is always somebody who needs a bottle of good wine. Hence, you will be able to sell it and make extra money.

Investments in Whiskey


When the market is so shaky, a person is looking for a nice option to invest in, and whiskey is known to be a great alternative to traditional assets. Ideally, it is aged from 5 to 10 years, and within this period, the value only increases. In simpler words, the more you let a bottle of whiskey stay on the shelf, the more money you are going to make afterward. According to recent research, rare whiskey has seen a boosted value of 564 %t over the last 10 years. Also, the demand for this luxury beverage will only keep growing, especially in the area of Asia and Africa.


At present, whiskey sales are boosting all over the world, pushing it to the top. For instance, Irish whiskey sees incredible popularity and fast sales. Another valuable option is Scotch whiskey. As for Islay whiskey, here you can pay attention to Port Askaig, 45-year-old. Remy Cointreau SA has a diverse whiskey portfolio that includes Octomore, Westland American whiskey, etc.


Overall, the whiskey value has risen significantly in recent years. Investing in it will be a good idea for whiskey lovers. It is so easy to conceal identity and purchase a bottle from any online source. You just need to download the reliable tool and surf the net safely. VeePN is recognized as a reliable VPN no logs service that protects you online. You shouldn’t waste a lot of money as there is a trial you can start with. As a result of smart usage, you will find free platforms that will help you add a luxury bottle of whiskey to your collection.


Investing in Classic Cars


While some people are arguing whether it is a good idea to invest in a stimulus check, others are considering classic cars as a reliable option to raise some money. More and more investors leave the stock market in such a changeable world and consider opportunities for classic car investments. Despite the time progression, certain cars only see the rise in value, becoming vintage options that may help a person make an incredible investment. According to recent reports, the value of classic cars increased by 17% in 2015.


Not all cars can be sold at higher prices when they are getting older. The reasons for this are different. Still, the main one is supply and demand. As a result, there are vehicles more desirable than others. Many people remember the cars at the time of their youth, and after some years, they look for the opportunity to purchase a dream car. If the supply is limited, then the price starts to increase.


After deciding to invest money in a classic car, you may be wondering which one exactly to choose to get the largest possible profit. The market experts state that Alfa Romeo Spider is one of the best options, as it will be definitely appreciated through the years. Jaguar XJ-S also deserves the attention of the investors. It looks luxurious and is equipped with a smooth V12 engine. They say this vehicle will boost in value in upcoming years. You could see The Triumph Stag in the film about James Bond. It has a powerful 3-liter V8 engine and is also expected to see the value increase. Finally, BMW E24 enters the stage. It is a great option for those who are looking both for a daily workhorse and an option of getting profit in a few years. You can look through numerous websites and try to find the car that you have been dreaming of. In case there are some country restrictions, feel free to use anonymous IP and surf the Net without any borders.


Investing in Art


Investors keep searching for the best option for investing in exotic assets. While some prefer dealing with classic cars, others are interested in Art. Still, most of them are hesitating, as they mistakenly think that it is necessary to know a lot about art to invest in it. Moreover, it is not necessary to have a lot of money to start your own collection. Having some budget, you can easily purchase a painting that will add emotions to your house and become a great investment in future profit.


According to the Art Basel annual report, global art market sales reached the point of $67 billion in 2018, and the tendency will keep growing. Still, the experts recommend waiting at least 10 years to sell the painting. Within this period, you will be able to get more money. There are so many types of art that you can consider.


The places where you can purchase artworks also vary. Feel free to explore galleries, auctions, art fairs, and online sources. You will easily protect your personal information if you decide to buy a picture on the Internet. A reliable veepn can hide your identity easily. Afterward, you may feel free to surf the Net.


The best place that you are recommended to start with is Masterworks. There you will become a member of an exclusive community and find the artwork to invest in. Among the most popular ones are Marilyn Monroe (Andy Warhol, 1968), Antipodal cartoon (George Condo, 1996), Before the storm (Zao Wou-Ki, 1955), and White flower (Agnes Martin, 1960).


Summing – up

As with traditional assets, a person needs to research the market, find out more about desired options and make sure that the risks are minimal in case of exotic investments. This experience can be exciting and interesting, and those who want to widen the portfolio can consider any of the mentioned classes. What sectors will do well in 2021? Besides real estate, they are art, cars, beverages, and precious metals.


If you do not feel confident about investing in art and do not drive a car, then you have a more limited choice. It is better to invest money in a luxury beverage like wine as it is consumed worldwide. Moreover, you can do it even with a not very large budget as the cost for it will grow year by year. Hence, the starting point will be quite reasonable.


To stay safe while surfing the net and looking for the best item to pick up, you should conceal your identity not become a victim of hackers. Mind that a detailed search is important and weigh all pros and cons before making the final decision.


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