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5 Figments of the Imagination about Government Jobs

Last Updated On June 7, 2018

5 Figments of the Imagination about Government Jobs

Most of the exams now a days are conducted online but exceptions are always there like OJEE 2018 examination which occurred few days back on 13th of May 2018 which was a pen and paper-based test. As per the swift change in the digital technology in the government sector, the government sector is no longer assumed as a lame player in spite it is now emerging and the jobs in the private sector are no longer aspired as the first preference.

In India, we have a biased thinking about the government that jobs in government sector lack purpose and productivity. Recently, I had a chance to work with the government officials for few months and these is the time which changed my mind about them. Previously I used to have a different opinion about the government jobs and professionals. Few things that I analysed about the government jobs are as follows.

  1. Timing or Work Schedule:

We all think that working in a government office, we have less stress and ample amount of time which is a wrong assumption. It’s not just about 9 am to 5 pm. We have worked with them for few months and the timing is the biggest myth about them. Most of them start their work as early as 8 am and they sometimes end their work till late midnight. We had a meeting with them at 11 pm and which went till 2 am in the morning.


  1. Vacancies:

As of industrialization we tend to think that private sector will have more jobs and vacancies, which completely is a myth. In fact, think in a way that private sectors hire mainly from internal employees by internal recruitment which gives them an edge over training of the new employee, saving time and money. Government readily discloses the available seats and central bodies, state government bodies, PSUs and PSBs recruiting all year round. So the opportunity that you get in the private sector will be similar to the public sector.

  1. Salary:

A common misconception about the government job is that they don’t pay well, but the introduction of 7th pay commission, the salaries of government officials is competing with the salaries of private company employees. The salary of government employees is more or less same as that of private employees. The chance of promotion is more in government jobs as they have fixed promotion and the private officials get performance based promotions.

  1. Punctual?

We all think that the government officials are not punctual but this is not a myth, its completely wrong. Even they have the deadline of the particular work. Even their meetings start on time and this is the most important factor which help other companies to work with government. Even my own experience about their timing is excellent, at one meeting they were present on time and we reached 10 minutes late.

  1. Work Satisfaction

The nature of work is similar in both the sector. As we grew up thinking that in the government sector, we have to circulate files and sit ideally and stick to the same boring work schedule day in and day out. But that’s not the case, there are equal challenges in the work and equal opportunities are there to climb the ladder of growth. The jobs are not mundane and the scope for creativity is also equivalent.

So this is just a tip of the iceberg of the myths about the government jobs. Even the Top Engineering Colleges in Gujarat are advising their students to apply for the government jobs. Whatever sector you choose, whatever field you are in, you are going to have a ride of ups and downs in the corporate world.


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